WaterPro BT produces point-of-use RO-purified and Type I water

Need small quantities (1-10 liters per day) of pure water? The WaterPro BT Water Purification System is a compact all-in-one benchtop system that delivers two pure water types:

  • Type I, 18.2 megohm-cm, up to 0.5 liter/minute or more
  • Reverse osmosis (RO)-purified Type III, up to 3 liters/hour

Type I water is ideal for many applications including instrumental trace element analysis, mixing standardized acid/base solutions, and media solutions. An optional UV lamp further reduces the bacteria and TOC levels necessary for life science applications. RO-purified water is ideal for non-critical laboratory applications such as reagent preparation and glassware rinsing. 

Sets up in minutes at almost any sink

  1. Simply connect to a tap water supply, drain and electrical source.
  2. Snap in the Filter Pack.
  3. Installation is complete. 

Compact and portable

The WaterPro BT has a small footprint, only 16.5” deep x 11.4” wide x 21.3” high. Because it is lightweight and has plug-and-play installation, it may be easily moved from room to room on a lab cart. An optional remote dispenser and stand lets you place the WaterPro BT up to 6.5 feet away from the dispensing location.

Request a quote today. Select the model that matches your requirements.

WaterPro BT Systems are also available for non-US electrical systems.

Have questions? Ask Application Specialist Bob Applequist

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