Labconco in the News: From crime scene to Wichita lab, how fingerprints work

KSM news video of CApture BT latent fingerprint fuming chamber at Wichita crime labLabconco equipment is featured prevalently in this recent news story on KSN. Emily Younger reported on the fingerprint processing technology used at the crime lab in Wichita’s city hall. 

Advanced forensics laboratory equipment takes fingerprint evidence far beyond simply dusting for prints. The lab can fix latent prints and maintain print evidence indefinitely through a precision CA fuming process. A Labconco CApture BT Fuming Chamber, referred to in the news story as “the tank,” makes the superglue fuming process consistent and reliable.

The lab is also equipped with a Labconco Downdraft Powder Station, which speeds up the job of processing numerous fingerprints by making the work cleaner and easier to manage. The lab processed and cataloged more than 4500 prints in 2017 alone, and positively identified more than a third of the prints.

Watch the news story on to see the process in action. 

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