Press Release: Labconco Launches Newly Updated Axiom Biosafety Cabinets with Exclusive Features

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For release: May 18, 2021

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Labconco Launches Newly Updated Axiom® Biosafety Cabinets with Exclusive Features

Labconco, a world leader in ventilation enclosures, launched today the newly updated Purifier Axiom Biosafety Cabinet. Continuing the legacy of the unique C1 launched five years ago to meet customer demands for flexible BSC ventilation, this product continues Labconco’s commitment to keep researchers safe and efficient in the pursuit of science.
The exclusive features of the Labconco Class II, Type C1 Axiom series biosafety cabinets have made them highly sought-after safety tools for almost any microbiological application. With their recent NSF relisting, Axiom biosafety cabinets have upgraded the MyLogic OS operating system and enhanced their legendary safety features, such as Active Protection Protocol (APP) for the Axiom and Omni-Flex™.
Labconco offers a biosafety solution for every application. The Axiom’s design was an R&D 100 Award Finalist. The Labconco engineers who invented the Type C1 Purifier Axiom created a biosafety cabinet with never before imagined capabilities. It can be switched from recirculating A-mode to ducted B-mode to accommodate procedures that would normally require two entirely different biosafety cabinets. Better yet, unlike more common B2 style cabinets, the Axiom can be easily ducted alongside other BSCs and fume hoods, avoiding the time-consuming and costly requirements necessary to accommodate a B2 cabinet into an existing laboratory. 

Axiom biosafety cabinets are environmentally friendly as well. They use at least 60% less energy than comparable ducted cabinets, offering a lifetime energy savings of more than $50,000 on average. They’re manufactured from 57% recycled materials, and 95% of the materials can be recycled after the biosafety cabinet’s useful life.

As leading containment experts for nearly 100 years, Labconco knows biosafety. They have remained in the forefront of innovation worldwide and continue to provide tested and approved solutions for every biosafety level. For every need, from simple Class I enclosures, to Class II applications using large automation systems such as liquid handlers and cell sorters that can produce biohazardous aerosols. If your application involves biological material, Labconco provides a biosafety solution for that.

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