Gail's story changed the way we think about laboratory freeze drying

  • Get Email Alerts and status updates about your freeze drying runs via smart phone.
  • End-Zone™ End Point Detection sends an alert when lyophilization is complete.
  • Large 5" full color touchscreen display and live graphing of your lyophilization process.

Find the Right FreeZone® Freeze Dryer for Your Samples

FreeZone Freeze Dryers with End-Zone and Lyo-Works OS
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To select the right freeze dryer, you'll need to know the size, composition, and eutectic temperature of your samples. This will help you select the right capacity, vacuum pump type, and accessories to ensure the integrity of your samples throughout every run.

Contact the lyophilization experts at Labconco for help finding the right freeze dryer for your lab's samples.

Lyo-Works Operating System gives you alerts, allows end point detection