On Demand Webinar: Taking Control of the Unknown, Nanoparticle Hazard Containment



David Wasescha, B.S. Microbiology
Product Manager, Labconco Corporation


Matt Hull, PhD
Senior Research Scientist at NanoSafe

Nanoparticle research provides a path to innovation, but comes with risks to health and safety. In this webinar, we will cover the basics of nanoparticles and best practices for containment using ventilated safety hoods. We will also take a look at a method for safely testing nanotechnology hoods, and address common questions such as:

  • Are there hidden nanoparticle risks I am unaware of in my research environment?
  • Can my current equipment contain nanoparticulates?

You will learn about:

  • How to understand the containment challenges and risks associated with nanoparticles
  • What to look for in containment enclosures that are appropriate for nanoparticles
  • Detection of nanoparticles using specialized industrial hygiene testing methods