On Demand Webinar: Taking Control of the Unknown, Nanoparticle Hazard Containment



Nanopartical research provides an exciting path forward for numerous industries, but not without risk to health and safety. In this webinar, speakers David Wasescha and Matt Hull will address the basics of nano materials and discuss best practices for containment using various safety enclosures. Industrial hygiene test methods for nano hoods will also be covered. The webinar will conclude with an open Q and A session. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the general risks of exposure to naturally occuring and engineered nanoparticulates. 
  • Understand the types of containment available for laboratory scale processes. 
  • Understand new methods to measure containment abilities of hoods used to capture nanoparticulates.

David Wasescha
Biosafety Cabinet Product Manager

Matt Hull, PhD
Senior Research Scientist at NanoSafe