Webinar: Glassware Washers and Result Reliability - Wash Away Worry



DATE: November 3rd, 2020

TIME: 11:00am PDT, 1:00pm CDT

Glassware washers (GWW) serve two important roles in today's dynamic laboratory environment. First, by automating a routine task thus freeing up valuable time and energy so laboratory professionals can focus on their work. Secondly, providing contaminate free labware needed to produce accurate and reliable results. In this webinar we will discuss several different contaminates, contiminate sensitive methods commonly found throughout the laboratory, and how incorporating a glassware washer can help produce consistent, reliable results. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify stubborn contaminates that can adversely affect lab results
  • Identify common contaminate sensitive methods used in the laboratory environment
  • Understand the benefits of incorporating a glassware washer in labware washing

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Jordan Henderson
Glassware Washer & Purified Water Product Manager