Webinar: Biosafety in the Automated Laboratory: Tips for Success



Lab Manager


In this webinar, attendees will gain a better understanding of factors to consider when selecting biosafety containment options for automated systems.

Automated systems allow for faster sample processing and remove a major portion of the human factor out of the equation. However, human interaction is not completely removed from the automated processes. For that reason, sample integrity and user safety are still a concern with high-throughput labs. Knowing what to consider when selecting the appropriate containment will set up a lab for higher success by minimizing risks.

During this session, participants will learn about how to select proper containment enclosures for their high-throughput systems. Considerations for liquid handlers, cell sorters and other instruments will be covered.

Join us in this informative webinar to expand your knowledge of biosafety containment for laboratory automation systems.


mandy farhadi
Product Marketing Manager

Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after the live event.