Pittcon Short Course: Freeze Drying 101

Benchtop freeze dryer with manifold

Date: Monday, March 18, 2019
Location: Room SC036 at Pittcon 2019


1PM to 5PM

This introductory course on the fundamentals of lyophilization includes theory, process, equipment overview and maintenance, specialized accessories, applications, and troubleshooting. Real life examples and solutions will be covered. Attendees will leave with a basic understanding of freeze drying so they can maximize the yield and quality of their freeze dried product. 



Megan Zimerman

Freeze Dryer Product Manager Megan Zimerman

Target Audience: 

This course will appeal to anyone who wants to optimize their current freeze drying method or those who will be freeze drying in the future.

Course Outline: 

1. Freeze Drying Equipment
  • a. Components
  • b. Condenser Temperatures
2. Lyophilization Process
  • a. History
  • b. Freeze Drying Steps
  1. Pre-Freezing
  2. Primary Drying
  3. Secondary Drying
  • c. Post Drying Storage
3. Configuring a Freeze Dry System
  • a. Base unit
  • b. Vacuum Pump Selection
  • c. Drying Accessories
  • d. Specialty Accessories. Glassware
4. Developing a Protocol
5. Challenging Samples
6. Equipment Maintenance
  • a. Freeze Dryers
  • b. Vacuum Pumps
7. Trouble Shooting
  • a. Vacuum leaks
  • b. Poor Results