On Demand Webinar: Tools and Technologies for Biosafety



The past few years have seen dramatic changes in the design and efficiencies of biological safety cabinets (BSCs). For many researchers, BSCs are used extensiely and for proglonged periods of time; for this reason manufacturers have invested considerable effort in improving the ergonomic aspects of the workspace. Further, today's modern BSC offers a higher level of protection to both worker and sample. consumes a fraction of the energy of previous generations of equipment, and lasts up to 10 percent longer under similar conditions. Join the discussion as Lab Manager's panel of design experts dicusses innovation in BSC design, ergonomics, and efficiency in this interactive webinar presentation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Factors to consider when selecting a BSC and how to determine which is best for you
  • How to customize your cabinet for specialized applications
  • Tips for use and maintenance of your BSC
  • New developments and improvements in worker safety and material protection


david wasescha
Product Manager