On Demand Webinar: How your lab is sacrificing safety and spending too much money



Brian Garrett, B.S. Biology, LEED Green Associate

Product Manager, Labconco Corporation

Webinar Description:

If you are involved in planning for laboratories, safety or management, you need to attend this webinar. Inaccurate information has led modern laboratories to expose themselves to wasteful spending while allowing unnecessary safety risks to persist. 

Drawing on years of experience in laboratory ventilation, an expert from Labconco will examine common misconceptions about making a lab more energy efficient and cold hard facts about hood safety. Brian Garrett will demonstrate how true high performance fume hoods can and should operate, shine a light on decades old Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) conventions, and explore the extensive improvements seen in the latest type of Class II BSC. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how air usage in a lab hood directly impacts the bottom line
  • Be able to identify a true high performance fume hood
  • Learn how to enhance safety in your laboratory by using modern hood technology
  • Be able to develop a well rounded strategy for ensuring maximum safety and reduced operational cost