How Fume Filtering Technology Works


Protector Echo & Airo Filtered Fume Hoods

This video shows how filtered fume hoods completely eliminate the largest expense of maintaining a laboratory. Patented features for safety, filtration and connectivity make these hoods uniquely adaptable for a wider variety of uses than any other ductless hood. 

Filtered Fume Hoods far less costly to operate, better for environment

A unique benefit of using a filtered fume hood is that, unlike ducted hoods, costly tempered room air is not exhausted from the laboratory. This results in energy savings.  

Neutrodine Unisorb Filters by Erlab

The Neutrodine Unisorb Filter is a comprehensive molecular filter that allows the simultaneous handling of solvents, acids, bases, ammonia and formaldehyde. Neutrodine Filters don’t simply filter the molecules.  

Q&A with Ken Crooks, Director of GreenFumeHood Technology at Erlab 

GreenFumeHood Technology is unique because it adds elements of safety, energy savings and versatility to lab environments. Erlab debuted GFH Filtration Technology at Pittcon in 2008, offering manufacturers (like Labconco) access to an altogether new and sustainability-focused hood operating system. 

Wellesley College eyes LEED with Labconco

Science Hill was built within nature – choosing to incorporate the natural landscape rather than build over it. Not only do they want to protect their local landscape, but also the global environment, by being good stewards of their sustainability and climate impact.   

Every Echo or Airo Fume Hood Plants a Grove of Trees

One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to four people. Imagine how much oxygen can be provided by a whole grove of trees.