Fume Hood Accessories

Labconco offers a complete line of accessories to customize your Protector, Basic or Fiberglass 30 Laboratory Hood.

Fume Hood Accessories

Labconco offers a complete line of fume hood accessories to customize your Protector Laboratory Hood.


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Protector Storage Cabinets, Base Stands & Fume Hood Accessories Catalog

Catalog provides ordering information on Protector Acid, Solvent, Standard and Vacuum Pump Storage Cabinets; SpillStopper and Flat Work Surfaces; and fume hood accessories including service fixture kits, electrical receptacle kits, airflow monitors, ceiling enclosures, distillation grids and Snuffer Fire Extinguishers. This is Labconco literature code 2-61.

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User's Manuals

Guardian 1000 Digital Airflow Monitor Operating and Instruction Manual

For catalog numbers: 3908800, 3908801, 3908802, 3908803, 9743211, and 9743212

View PDF (134.0 KB)

Guardian Digital Airflow Monitor Manual

For catalog numbers: 9743202, 9743203, 9743206, 9743207 and 9743209

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Guardian Jr. Airflow Monitor Manual

For catalog numbers: 4865000 and 9743200 series

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Snuffer Fire Extinguishers Instruction Sheet

For catalog numbers: 1115000, 1115002, 1115003, 1115004

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