Balance, Bulk Powder & Equipment Enclosures

These enclosures keep particulates contained during weighing and powder transfer. Other enclosures provide a ventilated space for keeping powder-generating apparatus contained.

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XPert Filtered Balance System with Updated Airflow Monitor

The XPert and RXPert lines of balance and bulk powder enclosures provide user protection by containing airborne powders and particulates.

  • XPert Systems include a built-in blower and exhaust HEPA filter. Systems return filtered air to the laboratory and require no outside ducting. 
  • XPert Stations include an exhaust HEPA filter and are designed to be ducted to an outside blower.
  • XPert Enclosures may be ducted to the outside or connected to the FilterMate Portable Exhauster for HEPA and/or carbon filtered exhaust back into the laboratory.
  • Bulk Powder Enclosures are designed for transferring large quantities of powders to smaller containers.

USP <800>: Patented RXPert Balance Systems are Class I biological safety cabinets that meet the USP <800> requirements for non-sterile hazardous drug compounding.

  • XPert Balance Enclosures, Systems and Stations

    Video detailing the features, benefits and proper use and maintenance of Labconco's XPert Balance Enclosures, Filtered Balance Systems and Filtered Balance Stations. 

  • Labconco XPert Bulk Powder Enclosure Set Up

    Video detailing the process of preparing an XPert Bulk Powder Enclosure for use. XPert Bulk Powder Enclosures provide user protection from hazardous airborne particulates and fumes generated during powder transfer operations.

  • XPert Balance Enclosures Video Part 1

  • XPert Balance Enclosures Video Part 2


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XPert Balance & Bulk Powder Enclosures Catalog

Contains information on XPert Filtered Balance Systems, XPert Filtered Balance Stations, XPert Balance Enclosures, XPert Bulk Powder Filtered Systems, XPert Bulk Powder Filtered Stations, XPert Bulk Powder Enclosures, XPert TXE Equipment Enclosures, and Accessories including FilterMate Portable Enclosures.

View PDF (5.7 MB)

RXPert Filtered Balance Systems Brochure

Contains information on RXPert Filtered Balance Systems and Accessories. RXPert Filtered Balance Systems are Class I biological safety cabinets that meet the USP <800>†  requirements for non-sterile compounding.

View PDF (3.4 MB)

A Guide To Ventilated Balance Enclosures

Industry service publication which provides helpful information on choosing the right enclosure for your application. Types of enclosures, filter types, hazard classification, performance testing, installation considerations and certification are discussed.

View PDF (2.0 MB)

Compounding Pharmacy Solutions Brochure

Contains information related to selection of enclosures best suited for sterile and non-sterile compounding per U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP) chapters <795>, <797> and <800>.

View PDF (1.7 MB)

Labconco Capabilities Brochure

This brochure provides an overview of Labconco: our core values, philosophy, our products and our people. It includes photographs of installations of our equipment in laboratories around the United States.

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En Español

Spanish-Language Purifier Enclosures, Clean Benches and XPert Balance Enclosures Catalog

Gabinetes Purifier Clase I, Cabinas de Flujo Laminar y Gabinetes para Balanzas

This Spanish-language brochure contains an overview, specifications and ordering information on Purifier Class I and HEPA Filtered Enclosures, Purifier Clean Benches and XPert Filtered Balance Systems. Ordering information on accessories is also included.

View PDF (6.1 MB)

White Papers

Advances in Ventilated Balance Enclosure Technology Bring Safety Enhancements to the Pharmaceutical Industry

White paper describes the evolution of balance enclosures and discussed the features and cost saving benefits of the XPert line of balance enclosures.

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