Video: Does your freeze dryer tell you when lyophilization is complete?

End-Zone End Point Detection System in foreground with FreeZone

End point detection alert on phoneYour freeze dryer is trying to tell you something. Spending hours or even days of extra drying time slows down your process. End point detection tells you when it’s safe to turn off your freeze dryer and get on with your work. 

The video below shows how to set up your FreeZone Freeze Dryer with the End-Zone End Point Detection System to get an “End point is achieved” alert as soon as your samples reach dryness. Your freeze dryer will alert you when the primary drying phase is complete for up to 5 samples in 600ml or larger flasks. 

You can even connect your FreeZone to your network and provide an email address to receive the alerts on your smartphone as well. 

Learn more about the End-Zone End Point Detection System

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