Lab Comfort Improves Productivity (Part 2 of 4)

Comfort vs Safety gauge 600

Results of a LinkedIn study suggested that improving the comfort levels of laboratory professionals leads to greater safety in the lab, in Part I of this series of articles. The conversation included anecdotal evidence in further support of this concept. However, there was some interesting commentary spinning off into comfort’s effect on productivity.

As laboratory managers and business owners try to squeeze every last bit of ROI out of each project, productivity is gaining high levels of visibility. There are many factors that play into efficiency; is employee comfort being given its due? Victor V. (Milwaukee, WI) was succinct in his commentary; “Being as comfortable as possible within safe limits leads to improved performance. Discomfort may lead to distraction…”

And though not directly associated with productivity, morale goes a long way toward a company’s goals. “…If [employees] are thinking about their discomfort all the time, it could result in serious injuries or incidents that could have been avoided,” says Louzette H. (South Africa).  She continues, “Happy people deliver good quality of work. And if they see you care about the little things, they will care too.”

Interestingly, Ana R. (New York) suggests that safety, productivity and comfort all go hand in hand; “I consider that working in a safe place is the best way to avoid accidents, wasted time, and [to] be very productive in your work…” This begs the question: who, or what, influences the level of (dis)comfort felt by laboratory professionals?


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