Logics assist in cancer research at the University of Rochester

At the prestigious James P. Wilmot Cancer Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center (U.R.M.C.), Labconco biosafety cabinets and fume hoods are critical tools used by researchers in the fight against cancer.

The Center is organized around a multidisciplinary care model, which leading cancer experts believe is the gold standard in cancer care. This means doctors, nurses, research scientists and support staff are all brought together under a single roof to raise the bar for cancer care. Doctors and scientists from many areas of expertise play active roles in providing the best possible care and make breakthrough treatments available faster.

The James P. Wilmot Cancer Center was completed in 2008 and is the newest addition to the University of Rochester Medical Center. The 164,000 square foot building includes 28,000 square feet dedicated to medical research. After evaluating several manufacturers, Labconco was the manufacturer chosen to supply the laboratory ventilation products for this new facility. 

Wilmot Logics

Labconco’s Protector® XL™ Fume Hoods and Purifier® Logic® Biosafety Cabinets keep the U.R.M.C. researchers safe while working in their labs to find breakthroughs in cancer treatment. Dan McGraw, manager of construction projects for U.R.M.C. is very pleased with Labconco equipment and appreciates the support and service he receives. Although Dan has a long history with Labconco and our laboratory ventilation products located in other buildings on campus, the decision as to who would be the equipment manufacturer for the Wilmot Center was made not solely by him but also by researchers, lab designers and purchasing agents.

The design of the Purifier Logic Biosafety Cabinet stood out from the other brands in ergonomics, energy consumption and accuracy. The cabinet design consists of an angled slash, a line-of-sight information center mounted inside the cabinet, and a curved inlet grill. These features allow the Logic to ergonomically accommodate researchers of varying heights.

The Logic’s ECM motor cuts energy consumption by up to 60% while reducing the noise level and reducing heat output. When working in a biological safety cabinet, a quieter, cooler environment is always a benefit. The sensorless system uses a technology called Constant Airflow Profile (CAP) that increases accuracy, reliability and elimination of periodic recalibration of airflow sensors to ensure proper airflow by tenfold. Testing has demonstrated that airflow is maintained with only a 1 to 2% difference as the HEPA filter loads. This also helps the filters last longer.

Labconco is honored to contribute to the advancement of science in this and many other labs worldwide by providing state-of-the-art equipment that keeps researchers safe and allow them to concentrate on their work, not what they are working in.

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