Introducing g-Guard from erlab

Stay in Touch with g-Guard®!

Filtered fume hoods are known for filtering out a broad range of chemical vapors, having multiple sensors for breakthrough detection, providing inherent safety with intelligent RFID filters and cards.

Now they can add another important feature – the ability to communicate to facilities personnel.

This communication is achieved through the use of software called g-Guard, which works through the control panel located on the front of the Protector Echo and Protector Airo Filtered fume hoods – collectively known as GreenFumeHoods as they use erlab’s proprietary GreenFumeHood Filtration Technology.

The g-Guard software connects a PC to your GreenFumeHood to directly monitor:

·       Filter usage
·       Neutrodine® filter saturation detection
·       Filter identification
·       Sash position
·       Blower speed
·       Pollution of the laboratory air
·       Temperature in the enclosure
·       Usage statistics (via the RFID reader user cards)

This software package allows general and real-time viewing of the entire fume hood network so laboratories with multiple hoods can get a snapshot of every hood at any given time. It also allows greater anticipation of maintenance with ongoing data extracted from the hood status menu.

For administration personnel, this will allow easy traceability of usage parameters to not only know who used the hood when, but also to analyze statistics.

Therefore, usage can be optimized for the highest filtration and energy savings. With remote set-up and control, a facilities manager can send a safety alert to any GreenFumeHood screen from his or her supervision PC. 

An introductory version is included with your fume hood purchase, called g-Guard Smart, while the g-Guard Extended version offers additional capabilities, such as data export, remote set-up and control which can be added to the order upon request. 

Using Labconco’s Filtered Fume Hoods with GreenFumeHood Technology and g-Guard software, your lab can operate at its most efficient level possible!  For more information, please contact Labconco….

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