A new way to wash: CleanWorks OS

CleanWorks OS, brilliant 5-inch touchscreen display

Labconco’s new CleanWorks OS user interface (UI) allows you to interact more easily with your washer. It promotes effective operation by giving you the informative feedback you need for an optimum washing experience. This smooth, uncomplicated user experience is especially important when consistent, repeatable results are needed. The immense amount of labware needed to successfully complete a wide-ranging array of laboratory protocols and procedures is quite a task, but glassware washers equipped with CleanWorks OS are up for it.









CleanWorks Home Screen

The home screen is the face of the CleanWorks operating system. Pertinent wash cycle information is easily accessible and presented on a brilliant 5-inch touchscreen display. You can easily select factory or user-set wash programs from the dropdown menu to quickly start washing their glassware. Information such as current internal water temperature, wash steps remaining, and wash step time remaining are displayed clearly when a wash program is running. The user can also quickly pause or cancel in-progress wash programs easily if needed. Navigation from any app screen is effortless, with the section icons across the top of the display.


CleanWorks Programs Screen

Need to create a new wash program? View an existing wash program? Copy or edit an existing program? Delete an obsolete one? The Programs section offers all this and more. All wash programs are displayed in this list, as well as projected run time and the date the program was last modified. When creating a new wash program, the program wizard guides you through the entire process. When viewing the wash program, all of the following factors are clearly displayed.

·       Segments

·       Step time

·       Step temperature

·       Whether detergent or neutralizing acid rinse is being dispensed

If a program needs to be copied, simply select it and press the Copy button to quickly duplicate an existing factory or user-set program.


CleanWorks Log Files

The data logging section of CleanWorks OS is where log files from previous wash programs are stored. A table will show the available log files.  

·       Log file name

·       Wash program run

·       Date that log file was generated

From here you can view, chart, export, or delete them. Select View to display a file in a table format. If Chart is selected, CleanWorks OS will visualize a chart of the selected log file. If one or more data logs need to be exported, simply insert a thumb drive into the USB port and press Export.


CleanWorks Settings Menu

In the settings section of CleanWork OS, users can tailor the washer to their needs. Language, Time & Date, Display and Network settings can be quickly and easily adjusted. Additionally, Security, Maintenance data and reminders, units, data acquisition and retention rates, and alerts settings can be adjusted effortlessly.


CleanWorks Sensors Menu

The Sensors section gives you a real-time snapshot of various sensors found throughout the glassware washer. Those sensors include Sump/Water Temp, Conductivity (Vantage only), Fill Level, Overflow, and Door. Current readings for the various sensors are displayed clearly in a table format.


CleanWorks OS Accessories Menu

Do you want to use pure water rinses? The Accessories screen will be the place to toggle pure water on or off. To turn on the Pure (DI) Water, navigate to the accessories screen and flip the toggle button from off to on. Additional add-on accessories, such as the automatic liquid detergent and acid neutralizing rinse kit, will be detected automatically once installed.


CleanWorks OS Help Screen

The help section offers useful information about the software and firmware versions that are currently running and the ability to update to a newer version, if available. This section also offers the ability to backup/restore. Need to quickly reference the glassware washer user’s manual? The Resources section presents a QR code, scan it to view Labconco’s Glassware Washer landing page. Finally, automatic and manual diagnostic protocols to aid in troubleshooting and servicing are located on this screen.

CleanWorks OS is a powerful tool that increases versatility and control over your glassware washer. With various washing aspects placed at your fingertips, meeting and repeating procedures with consistent cleanability has never been easier.




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