Choose the correct Cold Trap for your CentriVap Vacuum Concentrator

CentriVap Cold Traps collect evaporated liquid from the CentriVap Vacuum Concentrator. Choosing the right cold trap for your application is an important process. The correct cold trap will efficiently trap solvents for proper disposal or reuse, prevent solvent vapor from getting into your laboratory, and protect your vacuum pump to extend its life span.

For help choosing the correct cold trap for your application, here are some guidelines:

A -50°C Cold Trap is recommended for aqueous solvents. The recovery rate of aqueous samples using a -50°C Cold Trap is 99.3%.

A -85°C Cold Trap is better for solvents, such as Acetonitrile, which will recover roughly 97% of the solvents being evaporated.

A -105°C Cold Trap is best for alcohols, such as Methanol, with 94% recovery.

If acids are going to be used, protect your cold trap with a glass trap. This prevents acids from attacking the stainless steel.

Find out more about the full line of CentriVap Concentrators and Cold Traps.

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