What happened to the Class II Type A/B3 Biosafety Cabinet?

The Class II Type A/B3 Biosafety Cabinet has been replaced by the Class II Type A2 BSC

NSF International modified NSF/ANSI Standard 49 in 2002 to replace the Type A/B3 biosafety cabinet configuration with the Type A2.

A Type A2 cabinet’s exhaust can be recirculated to the room or canopy connected to an external exhaust duct so that both of the configurations of the Type A/B3 can be met. The design of Type A2 cabinets has been considered by NSF International to be an engineering improvement.

NSF requires that all biosafety cabinets of Type A/B3, which were manufactured prior to 2002, must be converted to Type A2 cabinets with thimble/canopy connection. Furthermore, in 2010, NSF required all canopy connected A2s to be outfitted with an airflow detection system – to include an audio/visual alarm.

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