Adding Efficiency to Labs

Energy efficiency in a lab can be worth thousands of dollars of savings per year. Equipment such as a single fume hood can use the equivalent energy of three and a half single family homes per year [1] making energy efficiency a priority for labs.

This article talks about a few things labs can be mindful of in order to keep their bills in check, including a special shout-out to Labconco for the Intelli-Sense Multi Speed Blower. This blower is meant for use with small labs that want a night set-back option for their fume hoods, and do not have the resources to sustain a VAV system.

So instead of going with rules of thumb, check out how laboratory equipment can work towards real energy efficiency.

Sometimes the latest equipment in a laboratory, say a next-generation sequencer, grabs lots of attention, but it’s the workhorses—centrifuges, hoods, freezers, incubators, and more—that keep experiments and workflows moving...

Read the entire article, Adding efficiency to general lab equipment by Mike May.

[1] Energy Use and Savings Potential for Laboratory Fume Hoods


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