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Jennifer Waisner 2013

Jennifer Waisner

Domestic Operations Manager


Quick and Thorough Responses

Answered all the questions I had with quick and thorough responses! Thanks!

Peter N., Bronx, NY

Hats off to Jennifer!

Hats off to Jennifer! Thanks so much for your help!

Neela G., Tamil Nadu, India

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! Jennifer knew just what I needed and is shipping it tomorrow!

Stephanie N., Montpelier, VT

Very Helpful!

Jennifer and Kelly were very helpful. I was the one who should have given better information.

Diana C., Southside Place, TX

Very Polite!

I got the answers I needed right away. Jennifer was very polite!

Wesley Y., Williamsport, PA

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much! Thank you very much for your help!

Jennifer B., Boxborough, MA

Jennifer is Awesome!

Oh wow - thanks so much!!! We've been through a lot looking for this part. Thanks so much for your assistance! You are Awesome!

Tammy S., Norfolk, VA

Thank You Very Much

Thank you very much for your help! Have a good evening now!

Rafael F., Brooklyn, NY

Outstanding Customer Service

I am taking the time to write because of the outstanding customer service I received from Jennifer Wainser. She really went above and beyond helping me and my customer. I couldn't let this opportunity to say 'Thank You' slip by. This was my first direct involvement with Labconco & you very much exceeded my expectations. Thank you Jennifer! I look forward to working with you more in the future.

Pam L., Morrisville, NC

Very Polite!

Thanks so much! Jennifer was very quick to get the information that I needed, as well as very polite!

Michelle D., Lynchburg, TN

Thanks a million!

"You've been very helpful. Thanks a million!"

Jeff R., Marlton, NJ

Very Helpful!

"Joe and Jennifer stayed online to help while a few of us in our lab worked to get this instrument back in fighting condition. Very helpful! Thank you to Jennifer and Joe!"

Nancy B., Merced, CA

Thank You!

"Thank You! Very much. Jennifer was able to get me the technical specs on an older model in a short amount of time."

Steve M., Bloomington, IN


"Good chat that actually answered my questions, polite, and none of that horrible weird trying to be my best friend chat or strange like a computer chat."

Dean H., Chicago, IL

Good Suggestion

"My question was honestly answered and suggestions given to get further help."

Benjamin L., Philadelphia, PA

Urgent Problem Solved

"I solved an urgent problem in less than 10 minutes. i don't think I could have done that if I had called a phone number. Thank you so much for having the chat available."

Jodi D., Fort Collins, CO

Speedy Delivery!

Fast, polite, friendly!

Jessop A., Massawatamie, PA

Sense of Humor and Personable!

"Jennifer was efficient in helping me as well as had a sense of humor during the chat session. No impersonal chat operator here!"

Aaron M., Gastonia, NC

Solved in Seconds

"Wow, very helpful! Got me exactly what I was asking for in a matter of seconds. Thanks, Jennifer."

Rick W., Lake Jackson, TX

Very Impressed

"Both Jennifer and Diane were very polite and helpful. If they didn't know the answer to my question, they found someone who did. Very impressed."

Jim S., San Diego, CA

Has all the answers

"Jennifer was very fast to respond and knew the answers to all questions."

Lewis O., Livermore, CA


"The best part was the immediate response, the willingness to work on my question, and that I did not have to go through a lengthy phone menu and then wait for someone to help. Jennifer was excellent (outstanding)."

Olivia K., Shreveport, LA

Very Helpful

"Very helpful."

Matthew S., Shreveport, LA

Helpful and Courteous

"Jennifer, thank you very much for your help and courtesy."

Francesco B., Lemont, IL


"Very responsive and helpful. I received direct answers to my questions."

Lori P., Carlsbad, CA

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