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Diane Williamson

Diane Williamson

Senior Application Specialist


Doesn’t Diane look strangely familiar? Don’t you know her from somewhere? Many people think they do! She claims, however, that it’s only because she has “one of those faces that people seem to think they know.” People are always asking her, “Do you go to this church?” or, “Is your son in this school... You look familiar.”

Perhaps the reason for these ubiquitous false identifications is that Diane is a twin. We must admit that cases of mistaken identity are highly unlikely, though, since her twin is a strapping member of the male gender.

Still, that sense of familiarity will make you comfortable contacting Diane to get expert advice on all sorts of Labconco products. She genuinely loves working one on one with customers, and is always earning compliments for helping the people who use our products.

Aside from being a kind-hearted doppelganger, Diane has learned some astounding bits of trivia in her career as a product manager. “Orthopedic engineers,” she says, “use our biosafety cabinets to saw bones to the right fit for their surgery patients.” Another tidbit that she enjoyed learning is that “snake venom can be used as a vaccine.” And now you know it too. She’s already making you smarter every minute!


University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Bachelor of Arts and Science, Major in Biological Sciences, Minor in Chemistry

Product Categories

Ductless (Carbon-Filtered) Enclosures
Biological Safety Cabinets & Enclosures
Balance, Bulk Powder & Equipment Enclosures
Nanotechnology Enclosures
Other Products
Laboratory Carts, Tables & Benches


Keep up the good work :)

I had a few application questions about fume hoods and Diane Williamson answered all of them. She sent us the blower performance charts which were a great help! Keep up the good work :)

Akshay S., Atteboro, MA

I appreciate your help!

I will either call and order or email Becky. I appreciate your help! Thanks so much!

Amanda M., Raeford, NC

Great and Knowledgeable!

Thank you so much for your assistance! You were just great and very knowledeable.

Ali A., Toronto, Canada

Thanks, Diane!

Thanks, Diane! This chat function is a fast way to obtain support while abroad...faster than emails...cheaper than the phone...

Jean R., Rennes, Bretagne, France

Very Helpful

Thanks again for your help! You were very helpful in trying to solve our problem!

Ina A., Nashua, NH

You solve my problems every time!

Thank you for your help :). This chat function is VERY helpful...I use it a lot. You solve my problems every time!

Maria G., Ganye, Guatemala

Sweet and Right to the Point!

Short, Sweet and Right to the Point! THANK YOU DIANE!!!

George H., New York, NY

Very Polite and Knowledgeable!

Diane was very polite and knowledgeable and went out of her way to find me the answer that I needed on an unsupported option that I had inquired about.  Great job! Diane was very helpful! Thanks!

Mike C., Fresno, CA

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot! Sounds great! I appreciate your help.

Xiaojian W., Berkeley, CA

I appreciate your help!

Thank you very much, Diane! I appreciate your help! Thank you.

Candice P., San Diego, CA

Diane is awesome, as usual!

Thank you so much! I will go fix my login. Have a wonderful day! Diane, you are awesome, as usual!

Huma S., Radnor, PA

Very Helpful

"Very helpful in solving my problem! Thank you!"

Patric Z., San Diego, CA

So Helpful

"You are always so helpful! Thank you so much! You are great!!!"

Nithesh A., Tamil Nadu, India

Thanks So Much

"Thanks so much! You did a lot to help me. You have very good responses to my questions."

Jack L., Tinton Falls, NY

Thanks Again

"I got the manual you sent. Thanks again! Take care."

Desiree J., Fresno, CA

Thank You Very Much

"Thank you very much! I appreciate all of your help!"

Shalini T., Tamil Nadu, India

Professional, Knowledgeable

" Diane was very professional, knowldgeable and very nice!"

Patricia C., Henderson, NV

Knowledgeable Service

"You just can't beat knowledgeable service!"

Jarrett K., Redwood City, CA

My hero!

"My hero! Thanks so much, Diane. Have a great day!"

Gen L., Ontario, Canada

Great job!

"Great job! Thank you! Thanks a lot."

Deepak J., Tamil Nadu, India

Thanks a lot!

"You have been so helpful! Thanks a lot! Supported me all the way!!!"

Nithesh A., West Chester, PA

Immediate Answers

"I got answers immediately!! Just what I needed!!"

Julio C., Cantano, Puerto Rico

So Thankful

"So thankful that Diane went out of her way to help me find the product I was looking for."

Nancy D., Ralston, NE


"Super Customer Service!!!"

Sakthi P., Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Excellent Service

"Excellent service. I really appreciate your help."

Kris L., Gainesville, FL

Can't Thank You Enough

"I can't thank you enough for all your help today and especially for going the extra mile to get an answer for me. . . . Thanks to [Diane] and Bob... this part of my day ended on a great note. You are to be commended for your customer service!"

Michel L., Bethlehem, PA

Saved my Bacon!

"Diane, you have saved my bacon! Your expertise has been invaluable."

Robert K., San Diego, CA

Very Helpful

"Diane was very helpful today. She is working with me to get a part for my glassware washer. I wish more companies had the live chat function!"

Wesley C., Guntersville, AL


"Diane was fantastic. Many thanks to her."

Jack M., Newark, NJ

Quick, Efficient, Professional Help

"Diane was very professional, and the interaction was quick and efficient!"

John F., Cassano D'Adda, PA

Kudos to Diane!

"Diane was very friendly and helpful–even with some unusual questions, and quickly researched/found the information I needed. Thank you, and again, great job Diane!"

Joe S., Arvada, CO

Courtesy Plus

"Diane was very prompt, courteous, and helpful. Thank you!"

Edmond H., Berkley, CA

That's Precision

"Helped me exactly with my problem. Great job!"

Kristina V., Wilmington, IA

Quick and Friendly

"Quick answers to my questions and friendly service."

Sharon C., Sacramento, CA

Very Impressed

"Both Jennifer and Diane were very polite and helpful. If they didn't know the answer to my question, they found someone who did. Very impressed."

Jim S., San Diego, CA

Thorough and Prompt

"As always, very professional, thorough and prompt."

Keith R., Wexford, PA

Amazing Support, Excellent Customer Service

"[T]hank you for the amazing support you’ve given me every single time. Your product knowledge was invaluable... excellent customer service."

Thai V., Fullerton, CA

Technical Specialists Make an Extra Effort

"Diane Williamson took the time to listen to my customer's need and give me a specific (product) match up. Diane went that extra mile! Her help was a breath of fresh air." - Cheryl W., Charleston, SC

-Cheryl W., Charleston, SC

Contact Diane Williamson

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