Kelly Williams

Product Manager

Kelly Williams

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A self proclaimed “science geek,” a mother of four and a competitive volleyball coach, Kelly’s personality is as energetic and diverse as they come. Her positive attitude is a way of life, since she believes that the secret to success in life and work is to “bring a positive high energy level to your projects and do not let obstacles become excuses.” She has the knack to always keep her spirits up and to inspire others.

Along with a natural love for biology, Kelly’s marketing education makes her a perfect fit for Labconco. “I feel that my marketing position in a company that makes lab equipment for scientists is a perfect fit for my skill set,” she says. “What could be more fun than creating new products, helping customers around the world, and learning about new advances in science?” She is deeply inculcated in both lab environments and the equipment that fills them.

“I love how the products we make cross so many boundaries with such ease,” Kelly says. “A fume hood, biosafety cabinet or freeze dryer each will perform to their specifications no matter where they are used, but the science that is being done in them can vary greatly. The same biological safety cabinet model might be used at the Center for Disease Control to contain a hazardous virus, in a bioengineering lab to grow stem cells or to process TB samples in a hospital in India. With our large and diverse product offering, the variety of customers that use Labconco products and the number of different scientific applications is staggering and never gets boring.”


  • Benedictine College, Bachelor of Arts, Biology
  • Rockhurst University, Master of Business Administration