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Stoppering Tray Dryer 230V US

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Catalog Number: 7948040

Key features
  • Region: U.S. and Canada
  • Applicable Products: FreeZone 6 Liter, FreeZone 12 Liter, FreeZone 18 Liter

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  • Weight: 450.0 lbs
  • Weight metric: 204.0 kg
  • Dimensions: 32" w x 24.6" d x 27.1" h
  • Dimensions metric: 81.3 x 62.5 x 68.8 cm
  • Electrical: 220/240 volts, 60 Hz, 9.0 A
  • Region: U.S. and Canada
  • Applicable Products: FreeZone 6 Liter, FreeZone 12 Liter, FreeZone 18 Liter
  • Vacuum Pump Displacement Required: 144 L/Min or larger

Lyophilize and stopper multiple vials under vacuum using the FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryer, or freeze-dry batch samples for bulk processing directly on its three shelves.

A digital display allows the user to program the set point temperature. Holds up to five programs of up to five segments each, with memory for repeating protocols.

A pneumatic diaphragm inflates to raise the shelves into stoppering position on all three levels.

User's Manuals

6-Port Manifold for FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryers and Bulk Tray Dryers Instruction Sheet

Provides installation and valve operation instructions.
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FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryers Manual (2012-Present)

For catalog numbers: 7948020, 7948030, 7948040, 7948060, 7948070

(79480 Series)

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Isolation Valve for FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryer and Bulk Tray Dryer Instruction Sheet

Provides installation instructions.
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Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification

Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification for FreeZone Stoppering and Bulk Tray Dryer Freeze Dry Systems

For validation of predetermined FreeZone Stoppering and Bulk Tray Dryer Freeze Dry Systems specifications. Provides a checklist of installation and operation qualifications to complete when beginning operation on new or used FreeZone Tray Dryers.

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Resource Tools

How to Test and Calibrate Sample Temperature Probe

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Safety Data Sheets

Lexsol 542 SDS

Safety data sheet for heat transfer solution used in FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryers manufactured since 2004 and FreeZone Triad Freeze Dry Systems.

View PDF (1.3 MB)

Refrigerant Genetron AZ-50 (R507) MSDS

Material safety data sheet for refrigerant used in FreeZone 1, 2.5, 4.5, 6, 12, 18 Liter Freeze Dry Systems, FreeZone Plus 2.5, 6 and 12 Liter Cascade Freeze Dry Systems, FreeZone Triad Freeze Dry Systems, FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryers, CentriVap Mobile Systems, Refrigerated CentriVap Vacuum Concentrators and CentriVap Ultra-Low Cold Traps.

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