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Sash Stop Kits

A Sash Stop restricts how far a vertical-rising sash may be opened. This small plastic device may be easily field installed on the fixture panel of a Protector Hood, which have been factory-prepared to accommodate a sash stop at the 60% open position (18" to work surface). Alternate sash positions may be field drilled. Each Sash Stop Kit includes components for one sash.


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Sash Stop Kit

 Sash Stop Kit

Catalog Number: 9724500

Price: $30.75

  • Applicable Products: Protector Premier Laboratory Hoods, Protector Radioisotope Laboratory Hoods, Protector Perchloric Acid Laboratory Hoods, Protector XL Benchtop Laboratory Hoods

Sash Stop Kit

 Sash Stop Kit

Catalog Number: 9724501

  • Applicable Products: Protector XStream Laboratory Hoods