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CentriVap Complete Vacuum Concentrator with Heat Boost

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Catalog Number: 7315032

Key features
  • Region: International
  • 300-Watt Heat Boost: Included
  • Lid Type: Glass
  • Receptacle and Plug Type: Schuko
  • Style: Benchtop
  • Type/Application: Aqueous

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  • Weight: 145.0 lbs
  • Weight metric: 66.0 kg
  • Dimensions: 26.1" w x 22.7" d x 16.9" h
  • Dimensions metric: 66.3 x 57.7 x 42.9 cm
  • Electrical: 230 volts, 50 Hz, 6 amps, International
  • Region: International
  • 300-Watt Heat Boost: Included
  • CentriVap Optional Accessories: Rotors
  • CentriVap Required Accessories: Sample Tubes
  • Conformance: CE
  • Lid Type: Glass
  • Receptacle and Plug Type: Schuko
  • Style: Benchtop
  • Type/Application: Aqueous

The all-in-one CentriVap Complete Vacuum Concentrator houses every component you need to begin processing multiple samples; vacuum concentrator, -50°C cold trap, diaphragm pump, rotor and CentriZap strobe light. Just add your samples in the containers of your choice and start concentrating. Using centrifugal force, vacuum and controlled heat, the CentriVap Complete speeds concentration of samples used in a variety of applications found in molecular biology, proteomics, genomics, cell biology, microbiology, biochemistry, drug discovery and analytical chemistry.

Acid-resistant models are available for corrosive chemical use. Other models feature Heat Boost, which surrounds the chamber wall, to further speed evaporation of high boiling point solvents. 


CentriVap Complete Concentrators Brochure

This brochure provides descriptions and ordering information on the CentriVap Complete Vacuum Concentrators and accessories.

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CentriVap Installation

by Scott Anthony Patterson, Labconco Web Content Supervisor

This video demonstrates how to set up and install a Labconco CentriVap® System, a laboratory science centrifugal evaporating system.

CentriVap Complete All-In-One Concentrator

User's Manuals

CentriVap Centrifugal Concentrators and Cold Traps Manual

Models: 78100 Series, 78110 Series, 74600 Series, 73850 Series, 79820 Series, 79830 Series, 79840 Series, 74750 Series

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CentriVap Complete Vacuum Concentrator Manual

Manual for CentriVap Complete Vacuum Concentrators: 7315020, 7315021, 7315022, 7315023, 7315030, 7315031, 7315032, 7315033, 7315040, 7315041, 7315042, 7315043, 7315060, 7315061, 7515062, 7315063, 7315070, 7315071, 7315072, and 7315073.

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Declarations of Conformity

CE Declaration of Conformity - CentriVap

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ETL Authorization Mark for CentriVap Complete Vacuum Concentrator

This document from Intertek authorizes the use of the ETL mark on CentriVap Complete Vacuum Concentrators.

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Safety Data Sheets

Sodasorb SDS

Safety Data Sheet for absorbent used in Acid Trap Insert (7814800) in Chemical Traps for CentriVap Vacuum Concentrators and Soda Acid Trap Cartridge (7772000) used in vacuum pumps.

View PDF (276.5 KB)
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