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Acid-Resistant 6-Place Microtiter Plate Rotor

  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Weight metric: 1.1 kg

Holds up to 6 standard or 3 deep well microtiter plates, PTFE-coated.

PrimeMate with Pump 800

Traps and Other Vacuum Pump Accessories

PrimeMate Oil Change Systems, Chemical Traps, Dry Ice Traps, Liquid Nitrogen Traps and Liquid Traps are available, as well as the necessary tubing and tubing accessories.

Products & Model Lines
 CentriZap Strobe Light

CentriZap Strobe Light

Catalog Number: 7464300

Price: $525.00

  • Applicable Products: All CentriVap Benchtop and Mobile System Concentrators