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8' Protector XStream Laboratory Hood with 2 service fixtures

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Catalog Number: 110810001

Key features
  • Nominal Width: 8'
  • Region: U.S. and Canada, International
  • Blower Requirements: Remote blower required
  • Service Fixtures: 2
  • Style: Benchtop

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  • Weight: 770.0 lbs
  • Weight metric: 349.0 kg
  • Dimensions: 96.0" w x 37.7" d x 59.0" h
  • Dimensions metric: 243.8 x 95.8 x 149.9 cm
  • Electrical: 100-115V, 50/60Hz, 10A
  • Product Subcategory: General Chemistry
  • Nominal Width: 8'
  • Region: U.S. and Canada, International
  • Blower Requirements: Remote blower required
  • Conformance: ANSI Z9.5, ASHRAE 110, ASTM E84, CAN/CSA C22.2, NFPA 45, SEFA 1, UL
  • Enclosure Height: 59.0"
  • Lighting: LED
  • Service Fixtures: 2
  • Style: Benchtop

The Protector XStream Laboratory Hood takes containment, safety and energy savings to the extreme. This general chemical, high performance fume hood was independently tested and challenged well beyond the SEFA-1 standards. With a face velocity of 40 fpm and sash fully open, the Protector XStream was subjected to 50 fpm cross drafts, NIH protocol, and tracer gas measurements in the chest of the mannequin. In all scenarios, the Protector XStream allowed 0.00 ppm average level of tracer gas outside the fume hood. Although your safety officer will determine the actual face velocity setting for your laboratory, the ability of this hood to contain under these adverse conditions sets a new standard of safety.

Safety is foremost, but energy savings is equally impressive. Although face velocity is a factor, it’s the volumetric rate (CFM) that determines the energy consumption. Operating a 6' Protector XStream at 60 fpm face velocity, with the sash in its fully open position, requires only 690 CFM. Regardless of your desired operating face velocity, the Protector XStream yields the lowest required CFM of any hood.

Features (All Models)

  • By-pass airflow design with variable air volume compatibility.
  • Eco-Foil Air Foil with aerodynamic Clean-Sweep airflow openings.
  • Cord-Keeper Slots on left and right side of air foil.
  • Upper Dilution Air Supply.
  • Glacier white powder-coated steel exterior.
  • Rear Downflow Dual Baffle System.
  • Chemical-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced, composite panel liner and baffles with flame spread index less than 25 per ASTM E84. Baffles are removable for cleaning.
  • Opti-Zone Baffle with tapered slots.
  • Tempered safety glass vertical-rising sash with cable pulley.
  • Powder-coated sash handle with aerodynamic Clean-Sweep openings.
  • 37.5" (95.3 cm) high sightline from the work surface to the header panel.
  • Removable front and side panels, and front and interior service access panels for access to plumbing and electrical wiring.
  • Pre-wired LED lighting with vapor-proof design and ADA-compliant light and blower switches. Lighting is rated for 50,000 hours.
  • Sash stop located at 18" (45.7 cm) sash opening position.
  • Powder-coated stainless steel, 12.81" (32.5 cm) ID exhaust connection(s).

Fixtured Models Feature

  • Two pre-plumbed service fixtures with forged brass valves, lower right side with brass tubing for gas and lower left side with copper tubing for cold water. Components for converting either or both fixtures to air and vacuum are provided. Inlet tubing is not provided.
  • One pre-wired GFCI electrical duplex receptacle on lower right side and, on 8' models only, one additional pre-wired GFCI electrical duplex receptacle on lower left side.

Required Accessories (Not Included)

  • Remote blower
  • Ductwork
  • Work surface
  • Base cabinet or stand

Optional Accessories

  • Service Fixture Kits (Some models include service fixtures)
  • Electrical Duplex Kits (Some models include electrical duplex)
  • Airflow Monitors
  • Sash Stop Kits
  • Tissue Screen Kit
  • Distillation Grid Kits
  • Ceiling Enclosure and Rear Finish Panel Kits



Protector XStream, Premier and XL Laboratory Fume Hoods Brochure

This brochure contains descriptions, dimensional data and ordering information on Protector XStream, Premier and XL Laboratory Fume Hoods and SpillStopper Work Surfaces. Optional features including the Intelli-Sense Automatic Sash Position System, Chain and Sprocket, and Auto-Return Sash Systems are described. Standards related to hoods are also provided.

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Go Green with Labconco

Brochure describes Labconco's corporate green initiatives and Labconco products that contribute to energy savings, sustainability and innovated design.

View PDF (226.3 KB)


See airflow demonstrations using smoke to show some of the innovative and highly effective features that make the Protector XStream® the most effective containing fume hood. Watch the airfoil sill, upper dilution air supply, sash handle and sash track direct air into the fume hood's baffles without causing dangerous, containment disrupting turbulence.

This video explains the key features of the Protector XStream Chemical Fume Hood from Labconco, yielding the greatest possible laboratory safety and lowest operating cost.

For many laboratories, managing air quality through engineered controls is essential for worker safety and comfort. However, with numerous options available for fume extraction and air purification, deciding on an engineered solution that best suits your lab’s current and future needs is not always straightforward.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • Types of fume hoods available and how they operate
  • How to establish an effective and cost effective air quality solution
  • Types of mechanical systems and ideal placement
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Fume Hood Safety: Dos and DON'Ts

Don't be like Scooter! Learn how to safely and responsibly use your laboratory fume hood!

Fume Hoods Overview 2013

by Luke Savage, Labconco LEED Green Associate, Sales Engineer

Meet Manny (ASHRAE 110 Testing)

on 2014-11-20

Being an ASHRAE 110 testing mannequin is a dirty job, but some dummy's got to do it. Manny is just the guy for the job. Check out this video to get an idea of how we test our fume hoods to ensure they provide proper protection.

Protector XStream Laboratory Hoods Video

Learn about the features provided by the Protector® XStream® Hood including the Air Foil with Clean-Sweep Openings which enhances airflow and minimizes dead air zones, the Upper Dilution Air Supply that cleans air above the work area, near the user's breathing zone and the Rear Downflow Dual Baffle System that direct airflow in horizontal streams to the back of the hood.
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User's Manuals

Protector XStream Laboratory Hoods Manual

For Protector XStream Laboratory Fume Hoods 11041, 11051, 11061 and 11081 Series.

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Intelli-Sash User Instruction Manual

Instruction for the use of the Intelli-Sash Automoatic Sash Position system available on Protector Fume Hoods.

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Protector XStream Laboratory Fume Hoods (pre-9/12) Manual

For catalog numbers (discontinued): 9840400, 9840401, 9840402, 9840403, 9840500, 9840501, 9840502, 9840503, 9840600, 9840601, 9840602, 9840603, 9840800, 9840801, 9840802, 9840803

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Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification

Installation Qualification/Operation Qualifications Protocol for Protector Series Laboratory Fume Hood

For validation of predetermined Protector Series Laboratory Fume Hood specifications. Provides a checklist of installation and operation qualifications to complete when beginning operation on new or used Protector Series Laboratory Fume Hoods.
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3-Part Specs

Protector XStream Laboratory Fume Hood Specifications

This specification covers Protector XStream Laboratory Hoods manufactured September, 2012 and after.

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Declarations of Conformity

CE Declaration of Conformity - Protector XStream Hoods

For 11041 Series, 11051 Series, 11061 Series, and 11081 Series Protector XStream Laboratory Fume Hoods

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White Papers

Protector XStream Fume Hood White Paper

This 8-page white paper describes the development of the Labconco Protector XStream High Performance Laboratory Fume Hood.

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Go Green! Protector XStream Laboratory Hoods save energy.

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