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5' Protector Echo Filtered Floor-Mounted Fume Hood, 230V

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Catalog Number: 183527020

Key features
  • Nominal Width: 5'
  • Sash Movement Direction: Vertical Rising
  • Region: U.S. and Canada, International
  • Blower Requirements: Integral blower included
  • Exterior Depth: 43.7" (111.0 cm)
  • Style: Floor-Mounted

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  • Weight: 970.0 lbs
  • Weight metric: 440.0 kg
  • Dimensions: 72" x 55.7" x 102.2"
  • Dimensions metric: 183cm x 141cm x 260cm
  • Electrical: 208-230 volts, 50/60 Hz, 5 amps
  • Product Subcategory: General Chemistry
  • Nominal Width: 5'
  • Sash Movement Direction: Vertical Rising
  • Region: U.S. and Canada, International
  • Air foil Type: Eco-Foil
  • Blower Requirements: Integral blower included
  • Conformance: AFNOR NF-X, ANSI Z9.5, ASHRAE 110, ASTM E84, SEFA 8 (Cabinet Surface Finish), SEFA 9, UL 61010
  • Exterior Depth: 43.7" (111.0 cm)
  • Lighting: Fluorescent
  • Power Cord & Plug: 6.5' power cord with plug.
  • Sash Type: Cable and pulley
  • Style: Floor-Mounted

Protector Echo Filtered Floor-Mounted Fume Hoods provide the interior height needed for bulky apparatus. These hoods feature fully-closing, vertical-rising sashes.

Erlab-proven Neutrodine® Filters— the heart of GFH Filtration Technology

The Echo uses Neutrodine Filters, the most comprehensive, safety-driven carbon filter available. This single molecular filter type can easily adsorb most chemicals and mixtures, taking the guesswork out of filter selection.

*Available only in the Americas

All models feature:

  • By-pass airflow design.
  • Glacier white powder-coated steel exterior.
  • Chemical-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced, composite panel liner and baffle.
  • Opti-Zone™ Baffles*, removable for cleaning.
  • Two tempered safety glass vertical-rising sashes with powdercoated aluminum sash handles and powder-coated steel sash tracks with Clean-Sweep™ slots. Upper sash handle also includes Clean-Sweep™ openings.* Sash stop at 52" from the floor.
  • 73.5" (187 cm) high sightline from the floor to the header panel.
  • 63.6" (162 cm) loading height.
  • Removable front and side panels, and front and interior service access panels for access to plumbing and electrical wiring.
  • Pre-wired vapor-proof fluorescent lighting providing up to 63 foot candles: 2 lights per 4' model, 3 lights per 5' model, 4 lights per 6' model, and 5 lights per 8' model.
  • Factory-prepared for up to four electrical duplex receptacles and eight service fixtures.
  • Factory-installed control panel with digital display, fan button and light button.
  • Roughing prefilter, 2 each per 4' model, 3 each per 5' model, 4 each per 6' model, and 5 each per 8' model.
  • Built-in exhaust fans: 2 each per 4' model, 3 each per 5' model, 4 each per 6' model, and 5 each per 8' model to maintain 60 fpm face velocity at 16" sash opening height.
  • Sound pressure of <60 dB(A) with sash at operating height and <48 dB(A) with sash closed.
  • Sensor package for primary filter breakthrough of solvent and acid fumes, laboratory air quality, sash position, and temperature.
  • Audible/visual alarms for breakthrough detection, temperature ≥40° C (104° F), fan failure and high sash position opening. At ≥60° C (140° F), all fans stop.
  • Three radio frequency identification (RFID) cards included: 9580901 User Card, 9580900 Administrator Card, and 9580902 Maintenance Card. Additional cards available upon request.
  • Power cord with plug. Or, may be hard wired to top-mounted boxes.
  • Shipped in multiple sections: top, bottom and sashes. All models conform or are certified to the following regulations and standards**:
  • SEFA 9-2010, DHIII SEFA 8-2010, Cabinet Surface Finish Tests
  • ASHRAE 110-95 ANSI Z9.5-2011 AFNOR NF X 15-211
  • ASTM E84-09C UL 61010-1 CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010.1 Fixtured models feature:
  • Two pre-plumbed service fixtures with forged brass valves, lower right side with brass tubing for gas and lower left side with copper tubing for cold water. Components for converting either or both fixtures to air and vacuum are provided. Inlet tubing is not provided.
  • One pre-wired GFCI electrical duplex receptacle on lower right side and, on 8' models only, one additional pre-wired GFCI electrical duplex receptacle on the lower left side.

Required (not included):

  • Neutrodine Filters (see page 11). Optional accessories include (see pages 11-12):
  • HEPA Filter. gGuard® Communication software.
  • ADA Remote Control. Sash Opening Reduction Wing Kits. Contact Labconco for ordering information on electrical duplex receptacles, service fixtures and other fume hood accessories.

*U.S. Patent No. 6,461,233
**See back cover for a list of regulations, standards and registered trademarks.

Heights of switches and electrical receptacle when work surface is set to ADA height meet requirements of Americans with Disabilities Act.


Protector Echo Filtered Fume Hoods Brochure

This 12-page brochure provides an overview, specifications, ordering information, dimensional data and accessory ordering information on the Protector Echo Filtered Fume Hoods.

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Protector Floor-Mounted Hoods Brochure

This brochure covers specifications, ordering information and dimensional data on Protector Floor-Mounted Laboratory Hoods. This is Labconco literature code 2-56.

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How to Program Your Protector Echo or Airo Filtered Fume Hood

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Resource Tools

Echo IPA NIH Report

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Echo IPA Standard Report

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Echo SF6 NIH Report

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Echo SF6 Standard Report

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