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4' Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosure with UV Light, Protection Panel and Airflow Monitor

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Catalog Number: 3970425

Key features
  • Region: International

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  • Weight: 195.0 lbs
  • Weight metric: 88.0 kg
  • Dimensions: 48" w x 28.6" d x 36.8" h
  • Electrical: 230 volts, 50 Hz, 2 A
  • Region: International
  • Conformance: CE

Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosures direct HEPA-filtered air downward over the work area to provide ISO Class 5 (formerly Class 100) conditions and protect your work from particulate contamination. These specialized vertical clean benches provide a controlled environment in which to perform polymerase chain reaction experiments. These enclosures include a variable digital timer that provides UV light exposure continuously or in user-selected increments of 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 or 240 minutes to deactivate DNA and RNA contaminants. When the set time expires, the UV light automatically switches off in preparation for the next experiment.

Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosures do not provide protection to the user and should not be used in conjunction with biohazardous material, toxins or radionuclides.

Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosures are available in 2, 3 and 4' widths.

Labconco also offers Purifier Horizontal Clean Benches that direct HEPA-filtered air horizontally over the work area and Purifier Vertical Clean Benches that direct HEPA-filtered air down over the work area.


• UL Standard 3101-1/61010-1 (115 volt models)
• CAN/CSA Standard C22.2 No. 1010.1 conformity (115 volt models)
• CE Conformity marking (230 volt models)


• Nominal downflow velocity of 45-65 fpm
• Aerodynamic air foil
• Supply HEPA filter, 99.99% efficient on particles 0.3 micron
• ISO Class 5 air (formerly Class 100 per Federal Standard 209E)
• Disposable prefilter
• Variable speed built-in blower with motorized impeller and solid state control rated for 10 amps
• Intrinsically-sound, negative pressure design
• Minihelic pressure gauge
• Air diffuser
• UV-resistant, glacier white and gray, powder-coated aluminum and steel construction
• UV-opaque and resistant 1/4" thick tempered safety glass sash and sides
• Fluorescent lamp
• 254 nm UV lamp with interlocked UV protection panel
• Variable digital timer for UV exposure with eight settings in minutes of 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120, 240 and continuous
• Blower and 3-way light (flourescent, UV and off) switches
• 9.4" high sash opening
• Ergonomic 10° angled and hinged sash that pivots upward, locks to a loading height of 20" and has wiping seals to promote ISO Class 5 conditions
• Two utility ports with iris openings and plugs
• ETL Listing (115 volt, 60 Hz models)
• One year warranty on parts and service


• Built-in Guardian Airflow Monitor that continuously monitor downflow airflow and has two LED lights to indicate when airflow is within or outside set point range.
• 2', 3' and 4' widths
• International electrical configurations

Required Accessories

• Supporting work surface. See Solid Epoxy Dished Work Surfaces
• Supporting base. See Adjustable Height Base Stands

Optional Accessories

• General Accessories



Purifier Safety Enclosures, Clean Benches & Non-Ventilated Enclosures Catalog

Contains information on Purifier Class I and HEPA-Filtered Enclosures, Purifier Horizontal and Vertical Clean Benches, Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosures, and Purifier Non-Ventilated PCR and Tissue Culture Enclosures.

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User's Manuals

Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosures Manual

For catalog numbers: 3970202, 3970205, 3970222, 3970225, 3970302, 3970305, 3970322, 3970325, 3970402, 3970405, 3970422, 3970425

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Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification

Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification for Purifier Vertical Clean Benches and Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosures

For validation of predetermined Vertical Clean Benches and Filtered PCR Enclosures specifications. Provides a checklist of installation and operation qualifications to complete when beginning operation on new or used Vertical Clean Benches and Filtered PCR Enclosures.
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Declarations of Conformity

CE Declaration of Conformity - Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosures

Declaration of Conformity for applicable models of the Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosure

View PDF (324.0 KB)

CE Declaration of Conformity - Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosures

For 39702 Series, 39703 Series, and 39704 Series Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosures

View PDF (73.6 KB)
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