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"The Silent Evolution" is amazing

Nancy SimondsBy Nancy Simonds, Sales Promotion Coordinator
On Wednesday, June 08, 2011
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It's amazing what you will find on the Internet when you search for "Weird News." I quickly found a website that intrigued me very much. I started watching one of the many videos and my eyes suddenly happened upon dozens and dozens of people all underwater.

As the video continued I of course realized that they were statues. Amazed, I read further.

The artist's name is Jason de Caires. He is one of a team of artists, builders and engineers who shared a vision—to save our natural coral reefs. If we continue on the same track that we are on now, 80% of our coral reefs will be permanently gone.

The group of figures numbers over 400 and are life-sized casts of real people. They were lowered into the clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean just off the coast of Cancun. Tourists come to these waters by the hundreds of thousands every year, which no doubt has contributed to the decline of the natural reef.

The object of this enormous project was to offer an alternative to the natural reef by making a new one. The sculptures are made with a special mariner's cement. The pristine figures will change their appearance over time as coral grows and marine life establishes itself. In fact, the change has already begun much to the people's delight.

The project called, "The Silent Evolution" desires to bring a new awareness to the people and hope that some day our grandchildren will be able to enjoy these beautiful reefs.

It is a weird, strange, yet beautiful sight to see these "people" standing together in the clear water. I hope that some day I will be able to visit there and see a different kind of natural reef—one that got its start from people. photos