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Protector Glove Box now included on NanoSafe Tested registry

Scott Anthony PattersonBy Scott Anthony Patterson, Marketing Content Manager
On Tuesday, May 27, 2014
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The Labconco XPert Nano is no longer the only enclosure on the NanoSafe Tested™† Registry. The Protector Glove Box has been added as the first and only glove box to make the list.

The glove box was tested for containment of aerosolized nanoparticles, a testing process adapted from the ASHRAE 110 test often used to evaluate the effectiveness of laboratory enclosures. The enclosure proved to contain aerosolized Silicon Dioxide particles no larger than 26nm effectively, greater than 99.99% on a particle number basis.

Advances in nanotechnology provide a wonderful challenge for containment experts to test the limits of their designs. The Protector Glove Box is a great example of an existing design that is uniquely fit to meet the ever more challenging demands of innovation.

Find out more about the new addition to the NanoSafe Tested Registry on Azonano.com.

 NanoSafe Tested™ is a trademark of NANOSAFE Inc.

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