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New XPert Nano Video, White Paper & IQ/OQ

Odette NolanBy Odette Nolan, Product Manager
On Friday, July 09, 2010
In Web Updates

We've got a mega-update for the XPert Nano! Now available on Labconco.com and Youtube.com are three new items relating to our XPert Nano Nanotechnology Enclosures.

First, head over to Youtube and see our new XPert Nano video, demonstrating the features and benefits of this one-of-a-kind product. Watch the XPert Nano video on Youtube.

Also, view the full NanoSafe Tested™ summary report published by NanoSafe, Inc. regarding their testing of the XPert Nano. Remember, the XPert Nano is the first and only enclosure to be validated for nanomaterial containment as tested by NanoSafe, Inc.

Finally, we have posted the Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification Protocol for the XPert Nano. This document can come in handy even before the product is received in order to plan the site for the equipment.

View the XPert Nano IQ/OQ, watch the video, view the documents, and request a quote on an XPert Nano Nanotechnology Enclosure today!

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