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Labconco in the news: New Kansas State science labs dedicated

Scott Anthony PattersonBy Scott Anthony Patterson, Marketing Content Manager
On Monday, January 06, 2014
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There's something for the scientists at Kansas State University to be excited about this winter. The hollowed earth beneath famous Seaton Hall is now filled with shiny new research laboratory equipment, including several Protector XStream fume hoods. The new labs, which have been designed to inspire students to collaborate and help one another learn, were recently dedicated, and will enjoy their first full semester of service this winter:

Newly renovated engineering labs in the basement of Seaton Hall were occupied for use in the 2013 fall semester. Dedication 
ceremonies, hosted by biological and agricultural engineering, took place Oct. 4.
The remodel involves three shared laboratories for research involving hydraulics, bioenvironmental studies and bioprocessing. The open design of each lab promotes...
Read the entire original article, "Research Suites Dedicated," on page 8 in the KSU College of Engineering magazine, IMPACT.
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