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Know your options: Ducted vs. ductless fume hood selection

Beth Mettlach 2014By Beth Mankameyer, Sales Engineer
On Tuesday, July 28, 2015
In Science News

Ducted fume hood vs ductless or filtered fume hoodThere are many variables to consider when deciding between ducted fume hoods or ductless chemical fume hoods for your installation. The article "To Duct or Not to Duct: Chemical Fume Hoods in Your Facility," gives the pertinent facts about both of these choices.

Since a fume hood is a major investment, it is important to know your options. Several important factors need to be taken into account to ensure that the hood you select for your lab is the best fit for your application, whether your primary concern is up-front investment, make-up air requirements, or filter maintenance costs in the future.

You need to select a chemical fume hood for your facility. You are familiar with traditional chemical fume hoods, but lately you have been reading about the filtered fume hoods or something referred to as “ductless.” It gets that name “ductless” because of a filter pack located in the fume hood which takes dirty hood air and cleans it before putting it back into the lab; no ductwork to exhaust air to the exterior — thus ductless...

  1. What chemicals will be used in the hood?
  2. Purchase price and other cost concerns…
  3. Installation time and infrastructure…
  4. User operation and education…
  5. Facility flexibility and future use…

Read the entire article by Ken Mohr and Cy Henningsen in Forensic Magazine.

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