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3 Reasons Customer Feedback is Important to Us

By Chad M. Arganbright, Web Content Specialist
On Thursday, June 09, 2016
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We have every reason to want feedback from the most important people in our industry - our customers. Your feedback is crucial to our improvement and to celebrating our success when you're truly pleased to have done business with us. 

Labconco places a high value on customer feedback as a tool for growth and clear communication. As always, we strive to uphold our mission statement, "We enhance global scientific discovery by providing exceptional equipment and service."

Are we adhering to our mission? We can't objectively answer that question ourselves, so we'd like to hear everything you have to say.


Here are 3 reasons why we cultivate customer feedback.

1.  Your feedback makes you part of our team.

We make every effort to let our customers know that we’re willing to listen, and we really are. We want you to feel free to tell us what’s on your mind because knowing your thoughts and opinions can help us better serve your needs.

We know you have valuable insights and opinions to share, and they matter to us – we want to make sure you know that. This may be our one and only shot to make a good impression. We want to make it count.

2.  Your feedback gives us motivation and inspiration.

Your feedback motivates everyone on our team. The quality of our equipment, our service and our reputation all starts with a single person—the one doing the job that matters most to you as a customer at any given moment.

Your feedback helps us to repeat our successes and identify our failures. In order to make Labconco the best in our industry, each individual has to take pride in their work. When we hear from you, we learn what we can do to make our work something we can be proud of.

3. Your feedback helps us make equipment that suits your needs.

What laboratory equipment innovations matter most to you? What’s the next big product in our industry?

If you have an idea about new equipment we should consider making or an idea for a helpful change to a product we manufacture, we'd love to hear it. If you come to our feedback page and are willing to speak your mind, we're listening.

Labconco equipment is constantly changing and adapting, and your input is the driving force for those innovations. We need to know what you and your lab associates want and need.

We're here for you!



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