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XPert Balance & Bulk Powder Enclosures Catalog

Contains information on XPert Filtered Balance Systems, XPert Filtered Balance Stations, XPert Balance Enclosures, XPert Bulk Powder Filtered Systems, XPert Bulk Powder Filtered Stations, XPert Bulk Powder Enclosures, XPert TXE Equipment Enclosures, and Accessories including FilterMate Portable Enclosures.

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RXPert Filtered Balance Systems Brochure

Contains information on RXPert Filtered Balance Systems and Accessories. RXPert Filtered Balance Systems are Class I biological safety cabinets that meet the USP <800>†  requirements for non-sterile compounding.

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Precise Glove Boxes Catalog

Contains specifications, dimensional drawings and ordering information on Labconco's line of Precise Glove Boxes and XPert Weigh Boxes.

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A Guide To Ventilated Balance Enclosures

Industry service publication which provides helpful information on choosing the right enclosure for your application. Types of enclosures, filter types, hazard classification, performance testing, installation considerations and certification are discussed.
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Labconco Capabilities Brochure

This brochure briefly describes the history, company philosophy and product lines.

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Performance Verification of the Precise HEPA-Filtered Glove Box

Report details the test procedure and results of measuring the ability of Precise HEPA-Filtered Glove boxes to contain powders, using naproxen sodium as the surrogate for the study.
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Precise HEPA-Filtered Glove Box and XPert Weigh Box Performance Test Report

Results of performance tests conducted on Precise HEPA-Filtered Glove Box and XPert Weigh Box
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XPert Balance and Bulk Powder Enclosures Presentation

Presentation covers the various types of XPert enclosures offered, their key features and benefits, operating procedures and accessories.
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