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Application Notes for Freeze Dryers

Concentration of Solutes: Options for the Removal of Solvents from Samples

This Labconco application note briefly discusses the various options for removing solvents including evaporation, vacuum concentration, lyophilization, reverse extraction, dialysis and precipitation.

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Methodologies using the Freeze Dryer

Approximate Freeze Drying Times, Procedure for Freeze Drying Fish Samples for Volatile Substances Using a 4.5 Liter Freeze Dry System, Extraction and Analytical Method for "Microcystin LR" in Cyanobacteria Samples, General Freeze Dry Application for Snake Venom and Other Small Volume Samples of 0.4 ml or Less, Freeze Drying Fungi, General Freeze Dry Application for Monitoring Soil Samples, Freeze Dry Applications for Monitoring Anti-Cancer Drugs and Freeze Drying Mango Powder.

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