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More Than a Business

It's the people…

Because we are a small company, we consider each other to be family. And we’re all here to help you get the quality service you deserve. So as we say often around here, "it's the people" that really make Labconco a success.

That’s why Labconco’s Customer Service is second to none. We’re all eager to serve you, from our receptionist, to our Application Specialists, to our Field Representatives, to our skilled workers in the plant.

It’s the service…

We believe in educating our customers so they can make an informed decision on which equipment to use. Labconco manufactures a wide range of laboratory equipment, and our Application Specialists are dedicated to helping you select the right equipment for your application. Call, email or use our Live Chat to discuss your specific application challenge. Or if you need someone to visit your location, there is a Labconco Representative in your area ready to help.

Our online tools and sevices help you through the decision process. For example, use our Glassware Washing Calculator to determine how much time, money and water a Glassware Washer will save you compared to hand washing. Trying to determine if a ductless carbon-filtered enclosure will fit your needs? Use our on-line Chemical Assessment Form and let an Application Specialist send you a recommendation. If finding the right fume hood is your challenge, the Fume Hood Configurator can help you select all of the right components for a complete lab ventilation system.

For architects, we have dedicated Laboratory Design Project Engineers who can help develop large projects, from multi-building laboratories to a lab with a single fume hood. These experts in lab ventilation can help with every step of the lab design project, from consultation through the end of installation. Additionally, our CAD Drawings and 3-part specs are available for download.

It’s the history…

Original Labconco Logo, circa 1925In 1925, two young entrepreneurs, Ralph Callaway and Phil Goldfisch, joined forces to produce their first product, a Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination Apparatus. Over the years, their company, initially called Laboratory Construction Company, now known as Labconco Corporation, continued to develop and produce specialized equipment for the laboratory.

Today, our company employs more than 250 associates in Kansas City, Missouri, and Fort Scott, Kansas, and manufactures more than a dozen different product lines. Labconco is ISO 9001 certified and a member of the U.S. Green Building Council—important measures of our commitment to quality and consistency in design and manufacturing, and our dedication to the environment.

Please browse the equipment we've made for your lab with care since 1925!