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Custom Designed Laboratory Solutions

Customs Service Icon JPG 300When laboratory designers encounter a unique architectural problem, or when typical laboratory equipment won't work for a new scientific process, Labconco's Custom Design Engineers get to work.

Building on the high quality platforms of Labconco's well-known laboratory equipment, the team produces thousands of custom designs every year to answer specific laboratory needs. They produce fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, freeze dryers and other custom equipment, each perfectly suited for its specific new or unusual application.

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Below are some examples of previous custom designed Labconco Laboratory Equipment.

Heads-Up Display on Biological Safety Cabinet

Logic Plus with Custom Head-Up Display

This Logic+ Biological Safety Cabinet has been outfitted with a heads-up display so that researchers can reference their application notes, look at digital imaging of their subject, or perform other computer assisted tasks, without turning their attention from the biosafety cabinet or changing work stations.

Exposed Exterior Vacuum Breaker on Fume Hood

Fume Hood with custom ceiling enclosure

This Protector XL Chemical Fume Hood has been fitted with a special exposed exterior vacuum breaker (upper left) to ensure that the water supply remains uncontaminated.

Bag-In/Bag-Out installed on Biological Safety Cabinet

Logic Plus with custom BIBO

This biological safety cabinet has been fitted with a custom safety precaution, allowing filters to be safely bagged for disposal. Replacement filter bags for the Bag-In/Bag-Out (BIBO) system are readily available through Labconco's distributors.

Flush Mount Clean Room Freeze Dryer

FreeZone custom flush with wall

FreeZone custom flush wall exterir

This FreeZone Freeze Dryer has been stationed on the outside of a clean room so that only the stoppering chamber door is exposed to the clean room environment. This custom design allows for maintenance of the freeze dry apparatus without risk of contaminating the clean room.

Our Capabilities

Find out what types of standard equipment Labconco builds, and begin to imagine a solution with us for your unique laboratory application challenge. See how we can bring you closer to discovery with our Capabilities Brochure.

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Custom Designs

Not finding what you're looking for? Labconco designs and builds custom lab equipment.