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Labconco Corporation, or Laboratory Construction Company as it was first named, was founded in 1925 by Ralph Callaway (pictured right) and Phil Goldfisch.

The company's first product was a Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination Apparatus, which agricultural laboratories used to test the protein content of feeds and grains. Another early Labconco product was the Goldfisch Fat Extractor (pictured below, right), invented by Labconco founder Phil Goldfisch. Both important scientific devices are still used widely in laboratories today.

From humble beginnings as a one-product shop in a small garage in downtown Kansas City, Labconco presently employs over 200 associates at facilities in Kansas City, Missouri and Fort Scott, Kansas. Labconco manufactures hundreds of scientific products in 16 different product lines.

Today, Labconco provides the highest quality laboratory furniture and equipment to laboratories around the globe. Labconco equipment is marketed through a worldwide network of distributors.

Above: Historical images from the Labconco Archives