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Purifier® Axiom™ Biosafety Cabinet

The First BSC Designed to Convert from Type A Mode to Type B Mode

 R&D 100 2016 Awards Finalist

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Unrivaled for...

  • Flexibility - No other BSC can convert from Type A mode to Type B mode. When a new or revised application calls for the use of chemicals, simply converting your Axiom to Type B mode prevents the need to purchase an entirely new BSC to accommodate the new procedure.
  • User Safety - In Type A mode, the Axiom offers the same level of protection as it's sister BSC, the Logic+ Class II, Type A2. In Type B mode, the Axiom's patened Active Protection Protocol™ makes the it the safest ducted biological safety cabinet ever designed.
  • Cost of Ownership - In Type A mode, the Axiom offers the same energy efficiency of the pioneering Logic+ BSC. In Type B mode, it is significantly less expensive to operate than any Type B cabinet ever designed.

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The Purifier Axiom is more flexible, costs less to operate, and is safer to use than any other biological safety cabinet.

The Axiom's patent pending Chem-Zone™† provides a new level of chemical safety by creating a large, clearly defined area within the enclosure that is safe for chemical use, offering you peace of mind during chemical handling.

It is also safer and easier to operate than other biosafety cabinets due to its ergonomic Inclination™ Technology, the intuitive MyLogic™ Operating System and Active Protection Protocol†.

This BSC offers protection for personnel, product and the laboratory environment by filtering hazardous particulates and aerosols, such as agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment, with the option of venting away hazardous fumes. Type C1* enclosures may also be used for a wide variety of applications that incorporate antineoplastic drugs, genetic material, carcinogens, allergens or other airborne hazards.


Contact Brian Garrett, Product Manager to learn more about Purifier Logic+ and Axiom Biosafety Cabinets.

Compare the Class II, Type C1* to other Class II Biosafety Cabinets on BSCno-brainer.com.

* The new C1 designation is pending NSF approval.
† Patent pending