Miscellaneous Freeze Dry Parts & Accessories

Miscellaneous items related to lyophilization

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Miscellaneous Freeze Dry Parts & Accessories

Miscellaneous items related to lyophilization can be found here, including replacement valves, tubing, gaskets & shelves for FreeZone Freeze Dry Systems, seal crimpers, heat transfer fluid and more.

Miscellaneous Freeze Dry Parts & AccessoriesGlass Lid for 12-Port Drying ChamberSupport ShelvesTube HolderSeal Crimper 800Oxygen/Natural Gas Sealing TorchVacuum Stoppering Adapter
  • Gail's Story Changed the Way We Think About Lab Freeze Drying

    Gail was responsible for something irreplaceable: a key link to the future of her company... and a cure. 
    When she visited Kelly at Labconco, Gail's struggle led to an epiphany that would change how laboratory freeze drying is done. With the creation of Lyo-Works OS, samples can now be monitored from anywhere. And with End-Zone™ End Point Detection, now FreeZone Freeze Dryers can even send you an alert when your samples are completely lyophilized. 
  • How to Choose the Right Freeze Dryer (LINDA the Lab Manager)

    Linda knows what features to look for when buying or replacing your laboratory's freeze dryer. Find out more in this new Lab Manager video.

  • How to: Operating the Clear Stoppering Chamber

    How to use the Labconco Clear Stoppering Chamber to stopper lyophilized sample vials under vacuum.


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User's Manuals

FreeZone Bulk Tray Dryer Installation Guide (Spanish)

The installation guide in Spanish for FreeZone Bulk Tray Dryers manufactured August 2017 or later.

Guía de Instalación para FreeZone Bulk Tray Dryers fabricadas en Agosto del 2017 en adelante.

View PDF (586.5 KB)

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