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Freeze Dry System Parts & Accessories

Freeze Dry Glassware and Accessories

Freeze Dry Glassware

Freeze dry glassware offered includes flasks, ampules, serum bottles and vials.

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Miscellaneous Freeze Dry Parts & Accessories

Miscellaneous Freeze Dry Parts & Accessories

Miscellaneous items related to lyophilization

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Products & Model Lines

FreeZone Cart

 7368700 FreeZone Cart

Catalog Number: 7368700

Price: $950.00

  • Applicable Products: FreeZone Freeze Dryers, Freeze Dry Systems

Drying Chambers

 Drying Chambers

Drying Chambers provide a means to attach flasks to your freeze dry system or contain samples in bulk.

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Tray Dryer Parts & Accessories

 Tray with Slide-Out Bottom

Various parts and accessories related to FreeZone Freeze Dryers.

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