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Freeze Dry System Parts & Accessories

A wide selection of accessories is offered to complete your freeze dry system. Stoppering Tray Dryers, Bulk Tray Dryers, Drying Chambers, Manifolds and miscellaneous other small items are available.

Freeze Dry Glassware and Accessories

Freeze Dry Glassware

Freeze dry glassware offered includes flasks, ampules, serum bottles and vials.

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Miscellaneous Freeze Dry Parts & Accessories

Miscellaneous Freeze Dry Parts & Accessories

Miscellaneous items related to lyophilization

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Products & Model Lines

Mini Stoppering Chamber

 Mini Stoppering Chamber 900

Catalog Number: 7569000

Price: $1,285.00

  • Applicable Products: Drying Chambers, Manifolds

Drying Chambers

 Drying Chambers

Drying Chambers provide a means to attach flasks to your freeze dry system or contain samples in bulk.

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Tray Dryer Parts & Accessories

 Tray with Slide-Out Bottom

Various parts and accessories related to FreeZone Freeze Dryers.

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