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Educational Hoods & Enclosures

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Protector Pass-Through Laboratory Hoods

 Pass through Hood with Models 2014 1200

These benchtop panel-lined hoods have sashes on two sides allowing operation on either side of the fume hood. 

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Protector XVS Ventilation Stations

 XVS classroom setting

These low profile benchtop enclosures have clear sides, top and sash for light duty fume hood use or classroom demonstrations.

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Protector ClassMate Laboratory Hoods

 Protector ClassMate educational hood

These fully-featured benchtop hoods have clear back and sides for enhanced visibility for conducting demonstrations or observing students.

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Protector Demonstration Hoods

 Protector Demonstration Hoods

These low profile benchtop enclosures are designed to provide 360° of close observation of procedures, ideal for classroom applications.

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